Yam Carmel

This adventure begins on land and takes you to new regions of adrenaline. One moment you're suspended above the treetops, and in the next, you feel the forest from within. Yam-Carmel is a compound of varied attractions that turn every visit into a daring adventure with challenges and events that include extreme experiences both for people with a strong heart and for the entire family. In the compound, you'll find an extreme mountain slide, a dry- tube slope like in the Alps, an area of enrichment workshops, an area for business events, an amphitheater, a conference hall for up to 520 people, information niches, bicycle trials, a café, a restaurant, and a green adventure in the forest.

About Us

Ofer Forest:
Ofer Forest, a jewel of nature also called Hof HaCarmel Forest, is a spacious area with hidden gems, observation points overlooking the coast, and a lot of peace and quiet. In the forest, you'll find amazing paths appropriate for excursionists and cyclers. Lovers of nature will enjoy the rugged view.

Thinking People; Thinking Nature

Nature is meant for us to enjoy without destroying. We, at Yam-Carmel, work in cooperation with the Jewish National Fund in order to preserve nature and enable each and every one of us to both enjoy and preserve it.

"Yam-Carmel" – the challenge begins with an event and adventure theme park in the forest. Never before has there been such an experience in Israel. Yam-Carmel is one big compound containing everything...

Various attractions for the entire family:

  • The most extreme mountain slide in Israel;
  • A dry –tube slope like in the Alps;
  • A suspended rope compound including: 12 meter high rope bridges, a climbing wall for adults and children, rappelling, the Flying Fox (Omega), and more...
  • Enrichment workshop compound for business events;
  • Open amphitheater containing 500 seats overlooking the entire forest;
  • Conference hall that can seat up to 520 people;
  • Information niches and a green adventure in the forest.

Located between forest and sea, with an area of 900 square meters overlooking a spectacularly, breathtaking view, Yam-Carmel is the perfect place for every event and purpose.

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Fax: 1534 – 8704332

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